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When he first started gymnastics at just age 6, Henry never imagined it would lead to such a huge number of achievements and become his passion.

Henry’s first experiences of trampolining came after taking part in gymnastics lessons at his local leisure centre.  He took part in a trial session and was accepted into the local Performance Trampolining Club. Safe to say, he hasn’t looked back since with his skills growing from strength to strength (and even some medals to prove it!)

Last year Henry came 1st at the Inter-Regional Challenge Cup Trampoline Final level 2 representing Yorkshire, 5th at the English Silver Trampoline Championships and 2nd at the Yorkshire Championships.  A fantastic achievement at such a young age - well done, Henry!

We caught up with Henry and his mum, Jane, to find out about their gymnastics and trampolining journey.

Jane says “gymnastics is a great sport for all but is often overlooked by boys. More boys should be encouraged to do gymnastics as it is an all-round activity involving strength, balance, agility and determination, which can be useful in other sports too.  Gymnastics is also great for burning off any excess energy and allows boys to be adventurous and daring within a safe environment.  Most of all, gymnastics is fun.

Gymnastics and trampolining has kept Henry fit and improved his strength. Henry really enjoys gymnastics and trampolining – I can see it makes him happy and he is proud of his abilities and achievements. Henry is determined to keep improving. He has also made good friends through gymnastics and trampolining.”

Henry currently does 2 gymnastics and 3 trampolining sessions a week, both at his local leisure centre and with a club. But believe it or not, he doesn’t stop there…he also attends a recreational session with a friend who he met at gymnastics when he was 7.  We asked Henry about his experiences, have a read below to find out in his own words how both sports have benefited him.

What do you love most about gymnastics/trampolining?

It is fun and I have made friends. I like the way it makes me feel and get a sense of achievement when I complete my routines.

What is the best thing you have learnt in gymnastics/trampolining?

Recently I have mastered a ‘half out’ on the trampoline which is a double forward somersault with a half twist in the second somersault.

What moves would you like to be able to do in the future?

Double back pike (double backwards somersault in a pike position) and ‘half in half out’ (which is a ‘half out’ – see above – with a half twist into the first somersault).

You’ve been doing really well in competitions.  What are your future goals for your gymnastics/trampolining?

To qualify for the English Gold Trampoline Championships in July.  I’m currently refining my routines.  

Your coach Joanne nominated you for gymnast of the year last year is there anything you would like to say to her?

Thank you to all my coaches. They are really nice and encouraging. They make the sessions fun and enjoyable.

Summed up perfectly by Henry and Jane - gymnastics and trampolining offer a great foundation and a vast amount of transferrable life skills for any child.

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