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Freya is a little swimming superstar!  We’ve been catching up with mum Claire, and Freya, about their learn to swim journey. 

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“Freya first started swimming lessons at 3 years old, she had always loved going to the pool and we thought it was a great skill to learn from a young age.  Initially we had some concerns about how Freya would cope and keep up with the learning process, but our fears were soon resolved by the caring and compassionate approach from her teacher and other members of staff.

“Freya was born with cerebral palsy which mainly affects her lower limbs and causes her to have very tight leg muscles. Swimming has allowed Freya to be active, improve her stamina and strengthen her leg and core muscles without even realising it and all whilst having lots of fun! 

“Freya has made so much progress.  Initially she had to have an adult in the water as she was unable to stand in the water unaided.  She now stands and walks in the water and is able to swim short distances without swimming aids.  Her teacher is the best we could have asked for, she is so caring and accommodates Freya’s needs wonderfully.   

“Freya has also gained a lot of confidence in and around the water, which is great to see.  If you have a child with a similar disability and are unsure whether to try it or not I’d say go for it.  If the child is willing and able enough to be in a pool then it is a great way for them to get exercise whilst having fun and is great for both physical and mental well-being. We had concerns when we started, but now Freya looks forward to her lesson every week and the all the staff have been very caring and compassionate.”


We also asked Freya about her swimming lessons

What do you love most about swimming lessons? 

I love diving down and grabbing things from the bottom of the pool and swimming under water.  

What’s the best thing you have learnt at swimming? 

Standing up by myself and walking in the water.  Oh and jumping in.  

Now you can swim a little bit are there any other water based activities you have tried or would like to try? 

I love going down the big water slides.  

Your Teacher Ann nominated you for swimmer of the year, is there anything you would like to say to her? 

Thank you Ann, you’re a great teacher and I like the lessons a lot.  

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