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Ann’s love of fitness started later in life – discovering that low-impact exercise could improve her quality of life and level of moment. After joint pain caused by arthritis had left her inactive, whilst life in lockdown has left her feeling anxious, Ann was encouraged by her daughter to join Romsey Rapids and that is where her fitness journey began.

Aquafit - a no impact, water workout, was where Ann first dipped her toe into the water…quite literally! From then she went on to explore a wealth of classes including Zumba, Pilates, Body Balance, Body Step and Forever Active Aerobics and we can’t imagine Ann will be stopping there.

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"As I entered my 60s, I’d been having a great deal of trouble with joint pain from arthritis in my knees and ankles. I’d become inactive because of the pain, I’d put on weight and become depressed and lethargic. My daughter suggested I join the Romsey Rapids and try Aquafit, because the water would be kind to my joints. The lockdowns had worsened my anxiety at going into a crowded place and for the first few classes we went together."

"What can I say? That was the start of my well-being journey! I absolutely loved Aquafit, and felt myself becoming fitter within weeks.

"I became a member and looked at other classes that I could do. Zumba Gold was my next choice: a low impact, fun dance workout that caused minimal pain to my joints.

"Next came Pilates, and Body Balance, improving my core strength, flexibility and balance (albeit still a challenge!), I tried Body Step, doing the routine without the step to lower the impact on my joints, and have recently started Forever Active Aerobics, it’s a great workout designed for lower impact.

"I made lots of friends, I felt better in myself. I started losing weight (10kg over 6 months), which definitely helped my joints and, although my arthritis was still there, I felt stronger, with improved posture, and the pain was easier to manage.

"I’ve been truly bitten by the fitness bug! I’m now 66 and feel better physically and mentally than I have for many years."

Ann’s story is testament to the fact that a discovering a love for fitness can happen at any stage in our lives. Our classes are designed with this in mind to cater to differing fitness goals and abilities. Through this we offer group workout programmes where there really is something for everyone to choose from.

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