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Andy’s story starts as a semi-retired, 64-year-old who suffered from poor mobility and sporadic back pain for a number of years, not aided by some additional weight gain due to inactivity during the pandemic. He made the decision to become active and lose weight, starting with a trial membership at Wycombe Leisure Centre upon his daughter’s recommendation.  

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At the start of his trial, Andy was 23 stone and was completing a steady walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, before heading to the weight section for a half an hour session, he says ‘the first weeks were hard, but I persisted’. A year later, having become a member after his trial, Andy has progressed to over an hour walking at a fast pace combined with a couple of hours weight training three or four times a week. This has resulted in a drop of over 7 stone and a more defined and toned body shape.  


When it comes to form, Andy believes ‘that good form in weight training is better than trying to fit too heavy weights and risk injury particularly as you get to your senior years. I compensate for using lighter weights by completing more reps and sets. I have made some friends at the gym who have provided some valuable advice about weight training and form.’ 

When talking about the centre itself, Andy enjoys being a member at Wycombe Leisure Centre ‘because there is a good range of modern equipment, lots of room and the members are enthusiastic about personal fitness. The gym staff are friendly and encouraging. The gym equipment is cleaned regularly and there are ample facilities for wiping down the equipment after use.’

Andy has just renewed his gym membership and is determined to continue his fitness and weight loss journey for the foreseeable future. As Andy said, the first weeks are hard when you begin your fitness journey, but our teams are on hand to support wherever possible.   

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