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Dawn C's story

"As a wheelchair user, I was anxious that I might get in the way of the equipment or other users, but I was so wrong, people have been nothing but kind and helpful... You have to go for it!"

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Gavin's story

"After starting my fitness journey, I want to push myself even further and prove that when you put your mind to something, anything is possible"

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Dawn W's story

"Swimming at the leisure centre has literally been a lifesaver for me...I feel so much better for going"

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Stephanie's story

"Being able to swim at a young age has helped me so much with being confident in the water."

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Tom's story

"Swimming lessons have been amazing for Tom’s confidence.  He can now do things in the water he never thought he would be able to."

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Elba's story

Elba’s story is proof that swimming lessons are about more than just the lifesaving skills that they teach.

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Luke's story

"Swimming has given him so much; improved his confidence, given him independence and improved his general fitness and flexibility."

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Su's story

"I'm still amazed that age 67 I could make this sort of improvement. Both physically and mentally, I have regained a zest for life."

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Olivia's story

"From being told Olivia may never walk or talk at birth, to see her in the water with a beaming smile makes me the happiest and proudest Mummy"

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Lynne's story

"Initially, I was adamant that I don't sweat and I don't run. It turns out I do both! It's the changes to both my self-esteem and confidence that had the biggest impact on my life"

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Andy's story

"The first weeks were hard but I persisted, when I saw my weight begin to drop. Weight training has helped my mobility and sporadic back pain"

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Henry's story

"Gymnastics is also great for burning off any excess energy and allows boys to be adventurous and daring within a safe environment"

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Laurence's story

"Even when I couldn't do anything else I still went to the gym and worked out. It was a lifesaver and a game changer. It was the one constant activity I stuck to when I couldn't do anything else.

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Heather's story

"My synchro lessons give me the opportunity to explore, develop and push my abilities within the sport"

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Ann's story

"I’ve been truly bitten by the fitness bug! I’m now 66 and feel better physically and mentally than I have for many years.”

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Freya's story

Freya has gained a lot of confidence in and around the water... she looks forward to her lesson every week".

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Aria's story

"Gymnastics is a fantastic activity for health, fitness and wellbeing. It builds discipline and resilience and improves confidence and self esteem”

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Anna's story

"For me, it’s the ultimate de-stress, when I am stressed, I go to the gym."

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Max's story

"The lessons have given him so much confidence and it’s great to see him enjoying it so much. I was so proud when he got his first badge and certificate, he told everyone he saw that he’d got a swimming badge”.

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