Jogger's Journey - Nicci Crocker

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Nicci Crocker

Charity running for: Alzheimer's Society

Instagram account: @tryingtowifemumandmarathon

Nicci's story:

I was due to run in April ‘20 but this was postponed to October ‘20 and then ended up being a virtual one instead, on the worst weather day. I completed it nonetheless, and realised even if the worst weather comes, I can do it. Last year I was due to run in October but deferred until this year. My amazing Grandma’s battle with Alzheimer’s took a turn for the worst with the lockdown restrictions and was placed in a home, after a hospital stay in March ‘21. Sadly, she passed away on 1st September leaving behind my 94 year old Grandfather who never fully admitted her illness until the last 2 weeks.

On reflection, the proceeding months in her decline had an impact on my mental health, motivation and prioritising myself and wellbeing more than I realised. September was on a functional level, for my husband, children and helping with arrangements of the funeral.

She was the head of our family, loved by everyone, never ever acted her age for the better and was respected by all that met her. She was the most incredible lady and left a big hole in not just mine, but our whole family’s life.

Running is my time to process and switch off from it all and will be running in her memory. I hope that I can channel her determination and stubbornness when hiding this horrible disease for so long.