Joggers Journey - Lara Stevens

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Lara Stevens

Charity running for: Alzheimer's Society

Lara's story:

After 3 years of rejection emails, I successfully gained a place through my running club. That place was for the 2020 marathon.

With lots of will it or won’t it happen, do I train, or do I hang on... I decided to defer my entry and run the marathon virtually.

That I did and raised money for Alzheimer’s society running in my local area with my buddies from the running club keeping me company on my route.

Fast forward to 2021 and due to injury, I was unable to put the training in so had to pull out with my last chance being October this year.

The Achilles injury has improved but unfortunately, I have been off running for the past 6 weeks due to a flare up of my ulcerative colitis.

I have run my first 5k this evening after a break and looking forward to recovering from illness and ready for training to commence and smash this marathon once and for all!