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I am now 8 weeks into my training! It’s been tough at times, but I’ve been enjoying getting out running so much - the weather has helped. The best part of my journey so far was when I ran 15 miles.

I've only ever ran 13 miles and never comfortably so getting past that was always going to be a mental battle for me, but I smashed it, and I can't tell you how happy it made me. It also made me more determined on the next long runs.

My last long run was 19 miles which I did last week but now I've picked up a knee injury and I've been told I need to rest for at least a week which definitely marks the worst part of my journey. I've put so much into my training these last eight weeks and the marathon is so close so a week off just fills me with dread and there is no guarantee a week rest will make my knee better…

As I can't get to the gym for my leg strength training, Steve from the leisure centre is so supportive so I feel like I'm letting him down by not going as he created my leg strength training program, and it all supports my running.

There is nothing I would have done any differently. I've approached every run with determination and a belief in myself that I can do it. I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about doing a marathon or any distance race to embrace the challenge and go for it, it's truly amazing what your body can achieve. Get a good solid training plan and trust in it as the hard work certainly pays off!

I'm just hoping now my knee corrects itself and I can continue my running journey – I have the great north run in two weeks and the marathon in five.

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Charity running for: Mind

Kerry's story:

Running is so good for my mental well-being but also that of my running buddy too (my twin sister).

We run to keep fit, we run to aid with our physical and mental health. When running we encourage each other, we feel a sense of purpose when one is not feeling it we will offer support.

We have both had a really stressful 18 months and our running has been our life line.

We would love to run a marathon together , train together and achieve something as great as this together before we are 50. We would aim to get as much sponsorship as possible for Mind charity, well-being, mindfulness and giving something back drives us to achieve great things a programme with encouragement will get us in the best shape ever to achieve and accomplish a life goal.