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Harriet's latest update

So now I’m a fair way into my marathon training I have a few reflections and words of advice. The best part of my journey so far is the knowledge I have acquired along the way. I have never trained this consistently for such a big event and I’ve learnt lots from the experience.

The biggest learning curve has been nutrition. I’ve had to up my protein and carbohydrates to fuel effectively for runs, and make sure that I get enough sleep to prepare my body and keep moving forwards with the training. I’ve also learnt to incorporate strength training and daily core work to keep the aches and pains at bay. I would also recommend going and getting a pair of shoes professionally fitted, which I did do, this helped majorly.

In terms of what has been the worst part of my journey. I wish I had joined a running club, which I think would of really helped me with my recovery and speed work during the week. I much prefer running with other people and I do struggle sometimes on my own.

I also would have added more races into my training schedule (I managed one half marathon but would have liked to have had more). Overall, I’ve learnt a lot from this experience and am excited about the day itself!

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Charity running for: Combat Stress

Fundraising link: Go Fund Me

Harriet's story:

I am running the London Marathon for Combat Stress. As a soldier myself this charity holds a special place in my heart, having been able to see first-hand the important work they do. As both a soldier and a nurse I want to represent both my professions and commit my time and effort to running the London Marathon.


Harriet Cooper