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I’m feeling pretty good about my training and ability to achieve my targets at the marathon. I have done a couple of classes which have been great as a combination of CV and resistance work.

Aside from the above it has been a tough journey to keep up the motivation to run early in the morning, or long distances at the weekend while the weather has been so good. I am however feeling positive about hitting my goal of sub 3:30 in 4.5 weeks time. I have had great support from work and a personal resilience coach to help focus on my goals.

I would tell other people looking to take on a similar challenge that it is a really good challenge and thoroughly worth it, but you need to be prepared for what it takes to train for the marathon and ensure you have support around you to help keep the motivation going.

You need to remember that there will be ups and downs and days where you really don’t want to go out but getting out on the road even for a short run gives you a big boost and helps make it a habit.

I try to stay positive after a bad run, which isn’t always easy, but trying to not let a bad run linger on my mind really helps me.

Creating and writing down a plan is a really good help and assists me in feeling committed to going out, and ticking off those runs gives me a sense of positive reinforcement that I have put the miles in.

If I was to do this again, which I hope I will, I would start my focused plan earlier and think more about what was going to be required of me.

I’d recommend people read Earn Your Stripes by Neil Fachie as it’s a great book that shares tips on how to achieve your goals. He is an inspiration and gave me a personal motivational message.

About Craig

Charity running for: Galloways Society for the Blind

Fundraising link: Just Giving

Craig's story:

I am running the London Marathon to recapture a feeling I last had 6 years ago when I was running regularly and completed the Amsterdam and Boston marathons. Since then, I have moved back to the UK from abroad and my fitness and motivation to run have really suffered with a number of niggling injuries compounding the situation.

I have now been given the opportunity to run for Galloways Society for the Blind -a local sightless charity that my wife works for and my mother-in-law volunteers with. They are an amazing small charity that not only need the money I will be raising, but also increased awareness of their brilliant work for people with sight loss in the Lancashire and Sefton region. I hope by joining their small marathon team I can help in this.