Joggers Journey - Amy Stimpson

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Amy Stimpson

Amy's story:

In 2015 my dad suddenly passed away. He’d always dreamt of running the London marathon. He was a London firefighter until he developed diabetes and angina, forcing him to retire early.

His death gave me the kick I needed to start training. Although I enter the ballot every year, I knew the only way I could secure a place for London was to get a Good For Age qualification time. And so, my training began.

After a failed attempt in 2016 and 2017 I finally qualified in 2018, but it didn’t come easy. I found out shortly after I’d qualified that I had a stress fracture to my right tibia.

After deferring my place to 2020 -the pandemic struck! I couldn’t hold my place for the London Marathon, so I had to qualify again. With the pandemic not many races were being held, but I found a local one -the Kent Spring Marathon that was being held in October 2020. And my training began again!

I couldn’t believe it when I qualified again and got a place for 2021.

London 2021 was the best experience. I thought of my dad every step of the way! And as I was raising money for diabetes UK, I was running the marathon for him!

I secured a Good For Age place for 2022 and I'm going to run again and make him proud. I’d like to train for a championship place. This would be easier with access to a gym where I can focus on strength building.