Colleague trauma peer support group

Have you had a traumatic experience?

Have you had a traumatic experience involving administering CPR, or using the defibrillator in a life-threatening situation as one of our leisure centre? Our Colleague Trauma Peer Support Group offers a helpline for colleagues to share these experiences with others who have gone through a similar event.

Set up after listening to our colleagues who has administered CPR and used defibrillators whilst as work, the support group encourages conversation, listening, reflecting, and can signpost employers to further support services available.

Those supporting out colleagues at Places Leisure are shown below:

Deborah Crisp, Duty Manager and Trainer Assessor, Graves Health & Sports Centre

Deborah started their career as a Lifeguard in 2004 at the age of 16 and progressed in the leisure industry. They then moved to Sheffield in 2015 and started their career with Places Leisure, quickly progressing to a Duty Manager.

Deborah has dealt with serious incidents in their career, requiring them to perform CPR and use an AED. This allows them to empathise with those who have gone through similar experiences.

Lucy May, Assistant Manager and Trainer/Assessor, Gosport Leisure Centre

Lucy started her career as a Lifeguard in the Portsmouth Contract in 2003. She then went on to manage a military swimming pool before returning to Places Leisure in 2010 as a Duty Manager and quickly progressed to Operations Manager. Lucy is also a qualified Sports Therapist and used to treat people with sporting injuries outside of her full time work.

Lucy has indirectly helped and supported teams at her previous sites who have dealt with cardiac arrests and other serious incidents. Lucy and the team at Gosport dealt with a Cardiac Arrest in the gym in April 2019 where she performed CPR while the team administered the AED.

Leanne Maher, Lifeguarding Lead and Safety Training Support Manager

Lea joined Places Leisure in 2003 and progressed up through the company from a casual lifeguard, acting in multiple roles along the way including Swim Coordinator, Teacher, Duty Manager, Contract Trainer Assessor and General Manager.

Lea has been a part of the Safety Team for 3 years and has had first-hand experience of dealing with cardiac incidents, which has involved performing CPR and administering the AED.

Lea’s role also provides support to site teams after a serious incident, primarily supporting teams following a cardiac or pool related incident, directly on-site or as a phone a friend. She works with our external partner Dr Anthony Handley, who is Places Leisure’s AED medical expert