Get into climbing

Courses and sessions for adults

Get into climbing

Courses and sessions for adults

There are so many benefits to being a climber, it’s a physical and mental challenge, a great sociable sport with a really friendly community and it’s easy to get started with our sessions.

Rock start

Our Rock start sessions are a flexible way to learn the basic skills you need to be a safe climber. It usually takes three sessions for most newcomers to be ready to pass their safety test in which we’ll look at knot tie-ing, harness fitting, belaying (including holding a fall) as well as introducing you to some of the climbing movement techniques. They also work well as a refresher too!

  • Session: 90mins
  • Ratio: 1:6
  • Cost: £5 first session
  • Monthly pass £28 per month paid by direct debit.
Adult Rock up

Our Adult Rock up social evenings are a great way to meet more climbers and you’re always guaranteed a belay We also offer coaching as well as a programme of events and workshops. Entry is the same as independent climbing making it a great way to bridge the gap between fully instructed sessions and full independent climbing.



Intro to Climbing

A 45 minute introduction to the climbing wall using our auto belays.  We'll show you all the skills you need to get climbing safely and prepare you for our auto belay safety test if you want to get climbing independently.

Up to 3 participants (at least one must be 18 years) £30

For more information about session timings please view our timetable. Booking is essential for all instructed sessions.  Please call 01562 515151 for more information or to book an activity. 

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