Congratulations Freya, Scarlette and Israr!

Swimmer & gymnast of the year 2022

After a challenging 2022 we wanted to round the year off with some good news stories. We asked all of our Swimming and Gymnastics Teachers to nominate those distinctive, very special swimmers who deserved a bit of recognition.

They were asked to identify swimmers on our lesson programmes (children and adults) who have displayed positive attitudes, unyielding determination or, have put in efforts over and above their peers.  They may have overcome personal adversity or achieved something unexpected or challenging. 

Freya Hills - Wycombe Leisure Centre's junior swimmer of the year 2022!
Freya started swimming with us at Wycombe in September 2022.
She came into lessons here having never been in the water without with her mum. The first few lessons she wasn't sure but she helped Wendy on poolside with giving out floats and noodles.
Gradually we got her in giving her one of the toy dolphins saying the dolphin needed to watch the child underwater to see if they put their feet on the floor. she would hold it under the water whilst sitting on the side. She soon decided that she would prefer to be in the water swimming like a dolphin.
She now comes in each week and her confidence has grown so much. She deserves to be swimming of the year because she has conked her anxiety.
Well done Freya! 
Israr Azam - Wycombe Leisure Centre's adult swimmer of the year 2022!

Israr started lessons back on 2019. 

At the beginning Israr was very nervous about even getting into the water. He was just getting over this when Covid hit. When things opened back up, he had to almost start again by overcoming his fears. 

However, he did and now has been rewarded by being moved into the Improvers class. 

He is very positive and willing to try new things.

Well Done, Israr, keep up your good work.

Scarlette Whittle-Pullin - Wycombe Leisure Centre's gymnast of the year 2022!
Scarlette struggles with special educational needs and as a result Scarlette sometimes struggles to make progress however during this year at trampolining Scarlette has come out of her shell.
When Scarlette first started trampolining she was very shy and struggled to speak to others in her class, now Scarlette's social skills have improved massively and she now has made friends in the class. Scarlette has been coming to trampolining since May and in that time Scarlette has made massive progress.
One of the main things Scarlette wanted to achieve when she first came to trampolining was seat landing, after working extremely hard to achieve this Scarlette has now done that.
This achievement has seen a massive increase in Scarlette's confidence.
Teaching Scarlette is an absolute pleasure, she always has a smile on her face and is happy to try anything I throw at her whether that is a new skill drill or conditioning work.