Westbury Swimming Pool - 130th Anniversary

Thursday 24th May 2018

Westbury Swimming Pool will be hosting a celebration for its 130th anniversary

On Thursday 24th May 2018, England’s oldest operational public leisure pool will be replicating as many of the events of the same day, 130 years prior. This will include fancy dress, a pop-up museum of historic items contributed by Westbury Family group, Trowbridge Museum, Westbury Heritage centre, Westbury Town council, the RLSS and most importantly the local community of Westbury and Wiltshire.

We are looking for anyone with a history with Westbury Pool, a family member or friend to get in touch and share your stories, photos, memorabilia. This event is going to be created from these items making it a community integrated event for everyone.

You can get in touch or send in your stories or items by popping in to site, emailing enquiries@westburyswimmingpool.co.uk