Athletics Track Season Closures

See when we are closed to the public

Our Athletics Season is underway. This will mean that on some occasions our track has been booked for events and will not be available for public use.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

May-03 9:am -3:pm
May-06 9:am -5:pm
May-12 All day
May-13 All day
May-13 8am-2pm
May-15 9am-4:30pm
May-16 9am- 4:pm
May-20 All day
May-25 9am- 4:pm
May-27 All day
Jun-07 7:30am -3:30pm
Jun-08 8:30am -3pm
Jun-09 All day
Jun-13 9am -4:30pm
Jun-14 8:30am-3pm
Jun-15 9am-3pm
Jun-16 9am - 2pm
Jun-18 9am- 3.30pm
Jun-19 9am- 3.30pm
Jun-20 9am- 3.30pm
Jun-21 9am- 3.30pm
Jun-22 9am-3pm
Jun-23 All day
Jun-25 8:30-3:30
Jun-26 9am-3pm
Jun-27 9am-5pm
Jun-28 8am-4pm
Jun-29 8am-4pm
Jun-30 All day
Jul-02 9am -3pm
Jul-03 09:00 - 1pm
Jul-03 10am- 3pm
Jul-04 5-10pm
Jul-04 9am-4:30pm
Jul-05 10am - 3pm
Jul-06 8:30am-3:30pm
Jul-07 All day
Jul-09 5pm-10pm
Jul-09 8:30am-3pm
Jul-10 8am-2pm
Jul-11 9am-3:30pm
Jul-12 8.30am-3pm
Jul-13 9am -3pm
Jul-14 All day
Jul-15 10am-6:30pm
Jul-17 7:30am-4pm
Jul-18 7:30am-4pm
Jul-19 9am - 1:30pm
Jul-21 All day
Jul-28 All day
Aug-18 All day