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Customer comments updates June 2019

We have now been open for 6 months and have been listening to customers and colleagues for comments and suggestions.  Whilst we cannot do everything everyone suggests we do listen and evaluate comments and suggestions so we can improve the service we offer to customers.

Below is an update of the improvements and responses to questions we have had in the last 2-3 months

You Said

Our Actions



Customers having difficulty in being able to view main pool lessons

We have now installed a TV screen in the café which can be used to display lessons and allow viewing from the comfort of the café.

If parents wish to view their child’s lesson, there are also 2 viewing points in the village change and a viewing window on the first floor, where we have provided some seating.




There is only 1 Swim tag box for the fast lane

We purchased another box, and this is now available, so each fast lane has its own Swimtag lap counter.  With have also received comments about boxes not counting lengths.  One reason for this could be if you tumble turn, or do not bring the watch close to the box it can appear not to register that length.  However, the results will come through correctly when you down load your results on the App.



Stretch area isn’t in a good location in the gym

We have relocated the stretch area to alongside the wall so it is now not in the middle of the gym floor.



Unable to check posture when using the lifting platform

We have moved the lifting platform back and rotated it.  Users can now check joint alignment and posture whilst lifting.  We appreciate some customers prefer, and have their reasons, for wanting the platform how it was, however, we feel being able to check posture to be of great importance to exercise safely and assist with injury prevention.

We have also relocated several other machines in the strength area to make movement around the machines less congested.



The edging around the running track was getting cut up if the sledge ran over it

This has now been replaced with a more suitable material.



Request for additional foam blocks for yoga and specialist Pilates mats

Purchased and available for these classes in the studio



Request for blinds in the Gym and Studio

These have now been installed in the studio and gym. 



The online bookings system for classes is poor

As from mid-March we launched the new online bookings system for classes booked through the web site.  The App has also been improved and upgraded.

The details of the improvements can be found here.

Link for bookings FAQ



The turnstile is temperamental and does not always work.

There have been some issues with the internal mechanisms on the turnstiles.  These have been fully replaced on 7th and 8th May.

There is also a sign to remind customers not to push/pull on the gate which can cause a delay on us opening it for customers.



Receptionists are not always quick enough to open the gate for buggy’s etc.

There was only 1 button to manually open the gate.  If the receptionist wasn’t working on a terminal next to the button, it wasn’t easy for them to open.  This should be resolved with an additional button for receptionists to operate.



Car park restrictions are not long enough, and the non-return period was too long for those who come back in the afternoon for lessons.

We have now increased the maximum stay time to 3.5 hours and reduced the non-return to 1 hour. 



There is a queue to log car park registrations when the site is busy.

We now have a second pod available on reception.



Why do we have the car park restrictions?

The restrictions were brought in on the recommendation of the residents and Residents Association to avoid the car park being abused and to discourage anti-social behavior with cars “parking” and “meeting up” in the evenings.

When the development work on the adjoining field takes place and eventually completed our car parking spaces will become under pressure and we run the risk of customers not being able to get parked at peak times.  The decision to introduce the parking when we opened was made for existing and new customers.  For existing customers, everything was new.  For new customers, it will become part of the normal process.

The system is not linked to our membership base, however, even if it was it wouldn’t work for casual and 1 off customers.  The system is not in place to generate additional income for us.  In fact the opposite is true and we pay to have the system in place to safeguard parking bays for our customers.  However, it is the customers responsibility to enter their car registration details each time correctly and abide by the parking regulations.  If tickets are issued, the center is not able to contest them and the customer must contact MET parking themselves.



Changing Places facility needs to be promoted more for those with additional needs

We have registered on the Changes Place toilet map.  Signs are up in the foyer and there is a section on the website detailing our provisions for those with additional needs.



Confusion over the correct direction for one-way travel around the car park.

We now have clear entry and no entry signs on the entrance and exit.



Concern that cars were not stopping as they exited the car park onto the main road

Give way lines painted on the road



Unable to use the Teaching pool in the mornings

As of mid April we have opened up 2 day time sessions to public swimming in the teaching pool.  You can now come along on Tuesday and Wednesday 12-1.30

Click here for the pool time table



Can we have a water fountain on poolside

This is not something we are looking to install.  Other sites that have had these installed have found the following issues.  There is difficulty in maintaining the correct temperature in the warmer atmosphere of poolside.  The nature of the environment on poolside would also cause issues for the internal mechanisms on poolside and we could get to the situation where it is out of action more than it is operation correctly.

We are happy for customers to take their own water bottles into the sauna and steam rooms.  If you’re leaving the gym, why not fill your drinks bottle before you leave.  Water can be purchased from the café or vending machines.  We would also be happy to fill your water bottle up with tap water in the café when you arrive.



Why do the lunch time swims keep being reduced?

When the pool time table was originally written 1-3pm was blocked out for the schools swimming.  Schools were contacted and offered slots.  Any slots that were not booked by the schools were opened up to public swim.  However, as the popularity of the site has increased additional schools have come back to us wanting to have their pupils learn to swim with us.

The ethos of the centre is to be accessible to all and serve the local community.  Part of our commitment to this is to provide a facility for local children to learn to swim, either via our lessons, or through their school.