Why Learn to Swim?

Have you ever wondered how your child would benefit from Swimming Lessons? Take a look!

How will my child benefit from Swimming Lessons?

Have you been considering getting your child started on our Learn to Swim scheme? Take a look below at 7 benefits that your child will get from our weekly lessons!


Benefit 1 - Creating an active life

Enrolling your child on our swimming lessons will kick start an active lifestyle for your child. With weekly swimming lessons your child will become accustomed to regular exercise – especially as swimming works every muscle group in the body!

Benefit 2 – Social development

Every week your child will interact with other children, some that they may have already met through School, as well as some new faces. Meeting other children and making friends as they move through the scheme will aid your child’s social development ready for later in life.

Benefit 3 – Creating competition

Once your child has established a group of friends and familiar faces, they will naturally compete against their peers by achieving badges and certificates as well as generally being the fastest or swimming the furthest! This is something that can transferred into other sports going forward!

Benefit 4 – Safety

Whilst you may be able to teach your child basic skills in the water, our lessons will give your child the extra skills and experience in the water, including swimming underwater, wearing clothing in water and rescuing.

Benefit 5 – No fear

Introducing your child early to swimming will help to prevent a fear of water. Being comfortable in the water will mean that your child won’t be missing out on any future water-based activities! Such as boat trips, water sports, school trips, scuba and more!

Benefit 6 – Self-achievement

As your child progresses through each stage once they have reached their criteria, your child will recognise what they can achieve through practice and dedication. They will understand their achievements through collecting their badges and certificates!

Benefit 7 – Enjoyment!

More than anything, your child will look forward to their lesson every week! Not only the weekly lesson, but your child will also receive free swimming during any public time, so you can enjoying swimming together!

If you’re ready to get your child started on our scheme with fully trained teachers, then simply fill complete your details and a member of the team will be in touch.  Alternatively you can call us on 01992 716733.