Changes to the Exercise on Referral / Cardiac Rehab scheme in Wandsworth

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We are excited to inform you of some changes to the scheme that we believe will make the experience for those participating much smoother. The main changes are detailed below including the times and days that the site will have a dedicated EOR Instructor.

  • All classes will run as normal and we are looking to add new classes to our timetable in 2018
  • All low risk clients ( as discussed at assessment ) will be permitted to use the gym unsupervised any time they wish
  • All Instructors will be based at a site with sole responsibility for the scheme there
  • All instructors will have a direct contact number and email address for contact
  • Each site will have more dedicated hours of EOR cover than before, meaning instructors are available to answer questions, or help with any support or guidance you need
  • All instructors will be receiving additional training this year to allow them to facilitate new classes and sessions
Tooting Leisure Centre
Instructor :          Rory
Days :                    Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday