Trying something new

Here are the clubs that use our centre.


NOMADS Badminton Club

Contact Sara Fallon on 07834 456694 or via email.

Burgess Hill Junior Badminton Club

Contact Lorna Holt on 01273 871921 or via email. 

Mid Sussex Martlets Badminton Club

Email us.

Shorinji-ryu Renshinkan Karate Do England

Contact Julia Turley on 01444 454827 or via email. 

Reiwaryu Ryushikan Karate Do Remnei

Contact Michelle Marle on 07810 771737 or via email.  

Tae Kown Do

Contact Ken James on 01797 222556 or via email. 

Rarebreed Combat

Contact Dean on 07572 085502 or via email. 

Kindermusik by Jan


07505 021453. 

Burgess Hill Ladies Hockey Club

Contact Vivienne Medway on 01444 451136 or via email. 

Mid Sussex Hockey Club

Contact James Buckeridge via email. 

St Francis Hockey Club

Contact Derick Branagan email. 

Mid Sussex Netball Club

Contact Iain Lewis via email. 

Lindfield Tennis Club

Contact Rod Ransom on 01444 451378 or via email. 

Pole Fitness

Contact Michelle Bebbington on 07503 871110 or via email.