Holiday club

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

Bookings can be made through the website, over the phone or in person at reception. Bookings can be made up to 100 days in advance.

What age children do you accept?

The age range we will take will be from their 5th birthday until the day before their thirteenth birthday. For some games and activitiesm, children will be put into 5-7 and 8-12 year-old age groups to cater for different abilities. However, if requested, we will keep siblings together.

What are the prices / session times?

We run 8.30am-5.30pm at a price of £25. Parents / carers can drop off and pick up at a time that suits them- within the session times. 

What do we need to bring?

We advise children to bring the following:

  1. A healthy packed lunch (nut free) with an am & pm snack.
  2. A water bottle (we provide extra water)
  3. A swim kit - towel and aids if required.
  4. Comfortable & suitable footwear for activities.
  5. Wear weather appropriate clothing, i.e. Children are encouraged to take part in outdoor activities when possible (weather permitting), therefore sunscreen should be applied before camp and we recommend a hat in hot weather. For cold and wet weather, we recommend children to wrap up warm and wear a coat
  6. We kindly ask that all items are labelled.


Will my children be going swimming?

Yes, we offer the option of swimming to all children. 

Where do i drop my child off?

Drop your children off in the main hall. 

Where do i collect my child?

Collection will be in the main hall 

Why do the children wear wristbands?

This is a safeguarding measure.

My child is very shy - will he/she be ok?

Definitely. We understand the importance of helping children socialise. We work with both yourself and your child to ensure they are settled into the environment and introduce them to new friends.

What will my child be doing at holiday club?

We have a full timetable located on a notice board along the arena corridor. Please note - the timetable is subject to change.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to our terms & conditions.