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Personal training isn’t just for celebrities, everyone can benefit from some extra motivation. 

You might have a particular event or goal or you may just want a bit of extra encouragement during your session. Our trainers have different specialisms but are all focused on supporting you through fun and engaging sessions.  Ask a member of the team for more details or call us on 01403 211311.


30-minute session: £26.00

60-minute session: £42.00

Special offers

To help keep you motivated and see those results fast, we are offering 6 sessions for the price of 5 and 10 sessions for the price of 8, on both 30 minute and 60 minute sessions

30 minute sessions:

  • 6 for 5 £130.00
  • 10 for 8 £208.00

60 minute sessions:

  • 6 for 5 £210.00
  • 10 for 8 £336.00
Cycling sessions

We offer one-to-one or small group cycling sessions, ideal for those who want to try our Group Cycling classes but are not quite confident enough, or anybody wanting extra cycling coaching. From beginner riders to serious cyclists, we can help you find a suitable PT for your needs.

For more information of cycling sessions, please contact who will be able to help. Alternatively, call us on 01403 211311

Gemma Upfold

“Never give up and never settle for second best."

As a Great Britain Athlete & World Champion Kickboxer, I use my passion and motivation to deliver varied and progressive training plans to clients with goals ranging from weight loss to performance enhancement. My mission is to empower my clients to feel and look their best & I am here to provide friendly yet highly effective coaching to help you to achieve your personal fitness goals and I will be with you every step of the way.


Lewis Wasley

“Fitness begins with the motivation to change your present for the future you.”

As a qualified and accredited trainer since 2017, I’ve been putting my knowledge into getting people fit and into an exercise regime one body at a time. For me, mental wellness is just as important as the physical. I believe in celebrating the small wins and putting your mental health at the forefront of an exercise programme. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, bulk up in muscle, or simply just get off the sofa and begin your own transformation, contact me today and get started!


Carly Butterworth

Carly has been a Personal Trainer for 12 years now and has helped countless people reach their fitness goals. Whatever it may be she can help you get there and give you the knowledge and confidence to keep it up as part of your lifestyle.

Carly always tries to make the sessions fun, varied and they’ll always be tailored to you. Everything you do with Carly will be tried and tested. Training should be something you look forward to and feel great after completing. Carly would like to think she can help you feel proud of yourself and your achievements.


Day Radley

Inspired by the importance nutrition and exercise play when leading a positive and healthy lifestyle, Day began weight training in 2010 whilst pursuing a career in the vegan catering. Her passion for fitness continued to grow leading to Day qualifying as a personal trainer and joining our fantastic team at The Bridge.

"Today is your day, to start fresh, eat right, train hard, live healthy and be proud. I help people to increase client's quality of life through movement and food. Focusing on weight loss, energy levels and living a life full of vibrancy and vitality."


Arthur Bill

 I have worked in the Fitness industry for over 10 years, acquiring a broad set of skills, ranging from mass gain training to creating weight loss plans. I have also competed in body transformation competitions, and understand how to take weight training and weight lifting to a higher level.

I previously served in The British Army which taught me discipline and dedication, but also the ability to stay calm in adverse situations, and my experience at GNC gave me a professional interest in sports nutrition, enabling me to understand how I can enhance people’s fitness through nutrition.

I understand the difficulties people face when changing their lifestyles in order to achieve their goals, whether it is overcoming challenges such as training around injuries or finding new ways of training to get the upmost benefit. I have experience training anxious clients, and clients with a range of mental health conditions, and although I will ensure you are challenged and motivated in your training sessions, I will do my best to make you feel at ease without any judgement.

My focus is on you, helping you to achieve the transformation you desire.


Natallia Tikhomirova

"You dream. You plan. You reach"

Natallia specialises in a variety of training options for flexibility & mobility enhancement, core conditioning and weight management. Her workouts can be adapted to suit and address the above conditions, ready to achieve your goals. Natallia is always happy to work with her clients in order to plan a route and help them work to achieve whatever it is they have set their mind on and wish to achieve. 



Amanda Overton

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years, working in many gyms including overseas in Muscat. I am a qualified personal trainer, exercise to music instructor, cardio weighted classes (Cardio-Sculpt) and Pilates instructor.

I have always been into sports and fitness she was a junior county tennis player and LTA registered tennis coach. I have worked for cricket clubs which include Sussex CCC, Western Province Cricket Union, Cape Town and The Oval. As well as Cricket I worked for Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club.

Take that chance, today, this week - make this year about YOU'. With over 20 Years in the health, fitness and leisure industry. Free weights to private Pilates, we can work together to achieve your goals. Take the next step and book a free consultation today with me.


Personal Training