Ian loses nearly 6 stone and is fighting fit.

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When Ian Neil stopped smoking, on his last day in the Navy in 1997, his weight started steadily to increase.   After losing an incredible five and a half stones Ian felt it was time to take control of his fitness and signed up with Parish Wharf Leisure Centre.

Carrying round the extra weight really took its toll on Ian’s knees, so much so that when he started exercising he played it safe, concentrating mainly on low impact activities.   Although happy with his progress, a chat with one of Parish Wharf’s personal trainers revealed that he could be getting much more out of his training sessions - so Ian signed up with personal trainer Mallick Jammeh for two sessions a week.

Ian said:

“Mallick really pushes me, but his constant encouragement means I’ve reached a level of fitness I just would not have got to if I’d continued to workout on my own.  He has a great knack of asking me ‘if I’m enjoying it?’ when I barely have enough breath to breathe let alone talk… After two months I feel so much better and friends and family are noticing a big change in my appearance”.

Ian also follows the programme when exercising without Mallick but does admit that it’s easier to coast without Mallicks encouragement.  But there’s certainly no let up when Mallick is on the scene “Just as I feel I’m getting to terms with an exercise or weight – Mallick ups the stakes, I’m told this is the best way to improve!” says Ian.

Apart from hitting the gym, Ian is also making full use of his membership and has signed up for spinning – one of the benefits of premium membership means all fitness classes are included free of charge.

If you visit the gym at Parish Wharf, lookout for Ian, who in his own words said:

“I’m easy to spot, I’m the one being take out by a bucket in a puddle of sweat"

If you have been encouraged by Ians story and would like to find out more about Personal Training or even have a free 5 day pass to try the centre then complete the form below.