Council considering future of St Crispin's Leisure Centre

It's been announced on Friday 30th June that Wokingham Borough Council have approved a consultation of St Crispin's Leisure Centre to decide the future of the centre. Since the opening of the new Wokingham Leisure Centre at Carnival Hub last year, a lot of our customers have been making the move to our newer centre, so a consultation will be taking place for eight weeks from July 10th to September 4th to help the council make a decision. 

The consultation will ask for people views on five specific options: 

  • Keep the leisure centre open
  • Close the centre and transfer asset to St Crispin’s School (The Circle Trust)
  • Close the centre and use for other service(s)
  • Close the centre and dispose of site with or without planning for residential development
  • Close the centre, demolish the buildings and mothball site until land values increase and/or a service need identified
Consultations will be taking place over the next few months, with further details to follow.

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