Swimming Lessons at Romsey Rapids Sports Complex

Why choose us for your child's swimming lessons?

What's included in the direct debit?

  • Free swimming for the children during any public times
  • Free hats appropriate for each stage
  • Home portal to track your child’s progression

How will my child benefit?

Swimming can bring many benefits for your child including:
  • Lots of fun for your child on a weekly basis
  • Keeps your child's heart and lungs healthy
  • Improving their strength and flexibility
  • Increasing their stamina, balance and posture
  • Providing challenges for your child
  • Rewarding accomplishment, helping your child to become self-confident
  • Providing opportunities for your child to make friends and grow in confidence
For more information on the benefits of swimming, visit the Swim England website at www.swimming.org/learntoswim/why-your-child-should-learn-to-swim/

How can I monitor their progress?

Our Home Portal allows you to track your child's progress during their lessons on a regular basis, giving your child a percentage score within that stage. This is included in the price of your direct debit, allowing you to understand your child's progression within each stage

How do I get started?

To get your child started on Swimming Lessons, enter your details below and the swim team will be in touch:

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