Your gym is getting an upgrade!

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We are investing in an extensive new upgrade of our current equipment, including the installation of all new Techno Equipment, two new steppers, three new Wattbikes and, a full suite of new cardio equipment! 

Equipment installation and refurbishment will take place from Monday 25th July to Thursday 28th July, during which time the gym will be closed.

All other areas of your leisure centre will remain open. The closure applies to the gym area only. The new gym will be up and running, ready to welcome you on Friday 29th July.

Thank you in advance for your patience. We think you’re going to absolutely love all the new equipment! For now, here's a sneak peak of what's to come...

What's coming?

Here's the range of brand new equipment coming your way...

Wattbike Trainer

The industry’s first and best indoor air bike. The Wattbike Trainer allows for the purest and most precise form of indoor training, from elite athletes looking to increase performance to those just looking to get fitter, faster. It’s the pro-choice for athletes and gyms around the world.

Technogym Cycle

Technogym Cycle is an exercise bike designed with a wide seat and walk-through to make it easy to improve your health and get back in shape at any age.

Stair Climber Excite Live Climb

Excite Live Climb helps you build the confidence to step outside your boundaries and achieve extraordinary results. Its accessible design and engaging training content make climbing fun and effective at every level.

Excite Live Recline

With a wide walk-through, soft-touch handles and adjustable backrest, everything about Excite Live Recline is designed for a smooth ride.

Excite Live Synchro

Train confidently on a machine that is in total harmony with your movement. Enjoy the feeling of total freedom as your arms swing in a convergent path and your legs stride up to 26.5 in (67 cm) in a single, fluid motion. Movement has never felt so good.

Excite Live Vario

Excite Live Vario adapts to your stride pattern with a fluid, no-impact motion that protects your joints. This means you can relax into your stride and enjoy movement at its most natural. So much so, that you will achieve results without noticing the effort.

Excite Live Run

Our new treadmill embodies everything you love about running. No boundaries, just wide open spaces. New routes to explore and friends to share the journey with. Running has never been so much fun.

Excite Top Med

The medically certified Excite Top Med provides the best cardiovascular upper body training on the market. It allows users to maintain cardiovascular efficiency even in the presence of lower limb limitations.

Skill Mill

Not your ordinary treadmill. Improve Power, Speed, Endurance and Agility and get more results from your training thanks to the variable resistance integrated.

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If you have a query regarding our new gym equipment, feel free to give us a call on 01794 835550