Toning tables

A bit about the Toning Table Studio

The Toning Table Studio provides a warm, friendly and relaxing experience for people looking to become more active and to improve their health and wellbeing.  The new studio comprises of 8 brand new Shapemaster toning tables, which will be power assisted. The machines are specifically designed to work with you rather than against you. These state of the art machines will provide a great 30 minute workout session and will:

  • Improve your fitness and wellbeing
  • Tone your muscles
  • Strengthen your posture
  • And provide better circulation.

How can the Toning Table Studio help me?

Increasing the amount of physical activity you do can make enormous improvements to your health, wellbeing and lifestyle. The main aim of the new facility is to help and encourage people to start or return to exercise and to gradually improve their activity levels over time.  The Toning Table Studio will become a ‘stepping stone’ to enable people to enjoy a more active and long-term healthier lifestyle.  A physically active lifestyle has been proven to:

  • Decrease body fat and body weight
  • Increase bone density
  • Help lower blood pressure
  • Help improve cholesterol levels
  • Help stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Improve lung function
  • Improve mood
  • Reduce stress anxiety
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve mobility.

What can I expect from the Toning Table Studio?

Enjoy a full body workout without over-stressing your joints and muscles in a friendly, relaxing and quiet environment. The Toning Table Studio will provide you with an excellent exercise solution where you can graduallyreturn to a long-term healthier and active lifestyle.  The Toning Table Studio can be used by almost everyone regardless of disability. There are also a large growing number of individuals that use the toning tables to manage long term conditions.

How do I get started?

Give us a call to book a space on 01794 835550.