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Health and wellbeing classes- find the programme for you!

Forever Active

Times: Monday 11.40am - 12.40am & Wednesday 11.45am - 12.45pm

A lower impact circuit type class working on all-over fitness, strength, some balance and postural work. Includes an extended warm-up and cool down with stretches.

This is a great class to get involved in and regular participation will only increase your active lifestyle! So come along!

Toning Suite

Times: Monday to Friday 9am - 12pm & 2pm - 5pm

The Toning Suite at Romsey provides a warm, friendly and relaxing experience. The studio has a variety of power assisted machines, which work with you rather than against you, to offer a good full body workout whether that be for exercise or rehabilitation. 

Not used the machines before? Don’t worry, our fantastic Toning Suite staff are always on hand to guide you through an induction and your exercise journey.

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Steady and Strong

Times: Tuesday 1pm - 2pm, Wednesday 1pm - 2pm 

Our steady and strong classes are a fun and enjoyable way to improve strength and balance in a safe environment.

A falls prevention-based class working on leg strengthening, posture and balance thereby improving confidence in keeping independent in later life.

The use of small ankle weights is optional to ensure we are progressing you sufficiently as time goes on.

Classes are both seated, standing and involve some walking but you will always have the support of a chair if needed.

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Aqua Fit

Running throughout the week, check our swim timetable for an up to date timetable!

Low Impact Aqua sessions: Tuesday - Thursday

09.15-10.15am and 8-9pm £5.00 concession

The low-impact nature of Aquafit makes it a great activity for anyone recovering from injury. It's ideally suited to sufferers of chronic joint conditions such as sclerosis or arthritis.

GP Referral Programme

Our Referral Programme offers tailored support and advice to people who are not regularly active or suffer from a health condition. Qualified level 4 instructors help guide you through the process to achieving a more active lifestyle, increasing your muscle tone, strength and cardiovascular fitness. 


  • 12 weeks of supported fitness programme at a reduced cost to get you started (requires GP approval)
  • Regular appointments with your fitness instructor
  • Premium membership that includes: Swimming, toning, classes and gym
  • Final review following 12 week programme

Check with your health professional to see if you're eligible for the scheme. 

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