Summer's here

Boost your weekly exercise regime

Summer's here

Boost your weekly exercise regime

Summer is here and the countdown to holiday season is well underway. Whether your motivation is fueled by longer evenings and the energy to get up and do something or you’re in a panic that you’ve left operation holiday tone up too late here are some suggestions of how to get up and get involved at your local centre this Summer.

Group Exercise

4.86 million people in the UK take part in group exercise classes each week and for very good reason. They are fun, motivating and get results, plus people taking part in group exercise are more likely to stick with their exercise programme than if they are just using the gym. Here are some highlights:

  • An indoor cycling class can burn between 400-600 calories
    A body combat class incorporates the equivalent of 1700 ab crunches (don’t be put off you wont even realise you’re doing them :)
  • It’s all in the Science, Body Pump uses a proven formula that exhausts muscles using light weights and high repetitions - the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle.
  • Zumba – bringing the party to exercise, great music, great people and burn a tonne of calories.

Of course there is plenty more to choose from, check out our workout timetable for details on all of our classes.

Personal Training

Personal training is on the up. Think of it as a learning curve, you don’t get to be a great gymnast without a coach, so in order to be great in the gym you need a gym coach aka a personal trainer. Their expertise and knowledge will push you harder than you can yourself and get results faster. You don’t need them every time you are in the gym, but once a week is a good starting point. You’ll also find that your sessions without them become more effective as your knowledge and confidence grows.


Often touted as one of the best forms of exercise swimming is a great starting point if your nervous about getting into exercise. Most of us learnt to swim when we were young, it's comfortable and we know what to expect. But there are many great health benefits. You get a whole body workout as you move against the resistance of the water, it keeps your heart rate up and takes the stress off of your joints as the water supports your weight. An added bonus swimming is known to be relaxing so great after a stressful day at work.

Want to give it a go?

All of our activities are available on a pay as you go basis or if you’re ready to make that commitment to exercise we have a range of membership options available.

Not sure which exercise path is right for you? Our 5 day trials are a good way to try out a range of activities.