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Meet the PTs

We have a great range of Personal Training bundles to help suit your budget and training! Check out the fantastic packages we offer below and then keep scrolling down to meet the team! Choose your trainer and get in touch with them directly to book your sessions!


Get 6 hour personal training sessions for the price of 5!

This is the package for you if you're hoping to hit a really tough target fast!

Only £150. 


Enjoy 5 x 30 minute personal training sessions for the price of 4 with our Sprint option.

This is a brilliant way of getting advice on technique, or getting work out ideas if you've got a short term goal which you want to hit!

Only £80.


Come and have 10 hour personal training sessions for the price of 8.

This is the perfect package if you're training for a tough fitness challenge or if you're wanting to look your best for a life event, like a wedding!

Only £240.


Not got the stamina for 60 minute PT sessions? No worries, sometimes it's not how fast you get there, but that you do!

With the Marathon package you can get 12 x 30 minute personal training sessions for the price of 10.

Only £200.

Meet the team


"Time is valuable, you will never get it back, don't waste it by not having a plan, let me make the most of your time!"

Using Resistance Exercise to improve mobility, Strength and Stamina, Level 4 Specialist in Cardiac and Cancer Rehabilition. 

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Phone: 01603 671390


"The body is an amazing thing, so let's use it to the best of it's ability."

Sports, Agility & HIIT Training, Boxing & Circuits, Weight Loss & Nutritional Advice, Small Group Training, Form, Movement & Strength Training for Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation.

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Phone: 07525 631779 


"Life is too short, don't make it shorter by not keeping fit! Make fitness a permanent part of your lifestyle."

Circuit-based, HIIT Training, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Conditioning, Nutritional Advice and more.

I work with you to hit your goals!

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Phone: 07817 741340



"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

Sports-specific Training, Nutritional Guidance, Weight Loss, Toning & General Well-being.

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Phone: 01603 671390


"Body Transformation, Nutrition Specialist & Well-being Coach"

My goal is to maximise your body's conditioning through personalised training and nutrition programming. My results don't lie.

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Phone: 01603 671390 


"Progression, not perfection."

Core specialist, First Class degree in Sport and Exercise, ASFA Golf Fitness professional.

Develop club-head speed, improve stability for a consistent swing and reduce injury.

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Phone: 07861 705978


“In a world of super models, fast food and media coverage, its time we shared the secret to personal and physical development”

Inclusive Fitness, Classes, One2One PT, Group Bookings, Couples, Pre-Wedding, Nutritional Advice, Workout Programmes, Food Plans, Under 18s, Female Weight Lifting & Confidence Building.

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Phone: 07419 779003