Baby Steps Programme 0-4 Years

Are you familiar with our parent and baby programme?

Mum and Baby Group Cycling

This session is an extra special spin class allowing you to bring your little one to enjoy the experience too (disco lights and music to help keep them entertained!) They will be in their car seat next to you on the bike allowing you to see to their needs if required.

To ensure your babies safety here at Places Leisure, we must insist that in all of our Mum and Baby sessions your child is either comfortable in their buggy for the duration of the class, or that they are yet to crawl or walk and so are happy to be on a mat next you (where appropriate)

Please note that in the Mum and baby spin sessions, your baby must be strapped into their car seat.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you have more than one little one, your toddler can visit the centres crèche for £1.50 per 30 min session.

We are excited about the prospect of our Mum and toddler yoga and fitness sessions that we hope to launch very soon so watch this space!

Mum and Baby Legs Bums Tums

This class is exactly what it says on
the tin - focusing on these areas but
surrounded by mummies who are
all in the same boat! Your little one
can come along in their car seat or
buggy or you can lay them out on a
blanket/play mat so mummy is free
to squat and lunge whilst little one
is enjoying the music.

Buggy Workout

A fun way to meet new mummies
whilst getting the chance to get
active again! The workout will vary
each week including different
activities such as circuits, boot
camp, netball, boxing (pad-work)
and more. The session is taken
inside during the cold winter
months or if it’s raining during the
summer. You can tailor this session
to meet your workout needs - as
easy or as hard as you want to go!
Little ones will come along in their
buggies ready to watch mummy!

Mummy Yoga

This gentle yoga class is a fantastic
way to help relax, mobilise and
move after having your little one.
The session focus is for the Mummy
to help improve her posture, core
strength and functional movements
used when having a little one - all in
a gentle and laid back environment

Adult and Baby swim classes

Are designed to help the parent or
the responsible adult who brings the
baby for lesson to introduce the baby
to water, whilst giving confidence
to the adult of handling the baby in
a water environment in a fun and
friendly atmosphere within a group.

Adult and Toddler swim classes

This is the next step up from the
Adult & Baby classes where toddlers
are given more independence in the
water with the adult in the water.
Classes are conducted in a friendly
group with other toddlers and adults.

Pre-School Swim Classes

Designed for Children who are
between three and four years
and are not in reception year at a
school. This group is for children
who will be in the pool without
the adult and are taught by a
swim teacher either in the water
or on poolside in groups of four
to six in number. The lessons will
introduce the child to swimming
strokes through game and

For more information about our Baby Steps programme, please contact Places Leisure Eastleigh on 023 8068 4800