You asked, we listened!

New equipment incoming...

On xxx date, we'll be installing some brand-new equipment for you to enjoy. The gym will remain open as normal during this time so you can still train as you usually would.

Here's the range of brand-new equipment we've got coming your way...

Pure Strength Low Row

Build strength in the upper body muscles in a safe, effective way from a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position. Use this to activate the latissimus dorsi, biceps, posterior deltoids and trapezius muscles.

Pure Strength Hack Squat

The perfect tool for lower body development and to reap all the benefits of squatting.

Pure Strength Hip Thrust

Laser-focused glute training, this machine revamps an all-time favourite exercise.

Selection 900 Prone Leg Curl

Designed for the most demanding users, this machine works the hamstrings, safeguarding the lower back thanks to the ergonomic incline of the pad.

Selection 700 - Dual Pectoral / Reverse Fly

Targets both pectoral and rear deltoid muscles on a single piece of equipment, thanks to the dual system technology. Offers more training options than ever while saving precious space.

Lower Back Bench Pure

The pad height setting allows for 9 different positions and it has a wide footplate for exercise variations. It features 2 integrated plate holders, also accessible from workout position.

Concept 2 PM5 Rower

Built by rowers, for rowers, this is used by people of all ages and abilities worldwide who want a full-body, low-impact workout.

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