Healthy student hacks

How to fit fitness into your life




Students! Is all that socialising and studying making you feeling stressed and exhausted? Is the pressure of fitting in a part-time job as well, leaving you looking for the nearest duvet to dive under?

What if we told you, that the answer doesn’t lie at the bottom of your fifth cup of coffee… but that a little exercise, a few changes to your diet, and a break from screen-time can all work wonders for relieving stress, improving the quality of your sleep and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Check out our healthy hacks, designed with busy students in mind…

App it and track it

There’s a ton of fitness apps out there including our own Places Locker that track every little move you make.  It’s not all about smashing  out reps in the gym – a walk round campus, to the bus stop, shops or even the pub – all adds up.  Find 30 minutes to shoehorn in a HIIT (high intensity workout) and you’ll be feeling fitter, fresher and full of energy in no time.

Bring colour into your food shop

If you’re living off campus and cooking for yourself, give your body and brain a boost by making sure your weekly food shop isn’t simply 50 shades of beige… healthy foods such as sweet potato, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, beans and lentils are packed full of nutrients and won’t bust your student budget either.

Give sugar the swerve

If you’re feeling tired and energy levels are low, its easy to reach out for a sweet or sugary snack – we’ve all done it.  The odd treat is great now and again, but try having some healthy alternatives to hand.  Raisins and bananas are great if you’re on the go, but when you do find yourself burning the midnight oil, avoid that sugar crash, by trying carrots, celery and a dollop of humous instead.

Don’t just sleep, get some quality zeds

Alcohol, stress, and too much screen time (including TV) can lead to restless and poor quality sleep.  So even if you’ve had your eight hours, the chances are you’ll feel sleepy and lethargic during the day.  Trying to put down your phone/laptop/tablet an hour before bed is hard – try having a bath, or simply chatting with your housemates before you hit the sack.  If you can manage the odd alcohol free day as well – that will help make up for any sleep deficit!

Don’t go it alone

Peer pressure is real, but it can work in your favour… Chances are you won’t be the only student on your campus thinking about being a bit more healthy, so buddy up! It’s far easier to resist the pull of pizza and swap pub time for gym time when you’ve got a friend who feels the same way.  There are hundreds of clubs to choose from at uni too, from surfing to skiing, climbing to canoeing or you could try out for a sports team too.  

Keep hydrated during the day

Make your sustainable water bottle your best friend.  Tiredness and dehydration are closely related, sipping on water throughout the day will keep your mind sharp and your body healthy.  Being hydrated makes a big difference if you like keeping active and can help make those occasional hangovers less savage as well!

Start small and build from a solid base

Setting extravagant and unrealistic goals puts you on the fast-track to failure.  Bite-size goals are easier to reach and once you've smashed them, you’ll feel motivated to set some more.  So forget about dropping 30 pounds by Christmas, or discovering your washboard abs in 30 days! Instead, just pledge to do a bit more each day, and track it with your app – even cleaning counts (scream emoji!)…

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