Giorgio Wins Medals

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion wins again!

Giorgio Villis, is an Elite Junior Athlete local in Portishead.

In case you're unfamiliar with BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), it is the fastest growing sport in the UK, based on a grappling martial art, used to overcome and control opponents of greater size/strength, alongside judo principles. It is an effective self defence, where children can also benefit from improved self confidence, social skills and fitness/well being.

At just 9yrs old, Giorgio already holds prestigious titles including; National Champion, English Champion, British Champion, NAGA Champion, just to name a few. Gaining over 30 medals in competition from UK and Ireland, this year alone, he's naturally talented, and rapidly progressing, where his abilities were noticed by the UK Youth team earlier in the year, which led to his success in the selection process.

Committed and excelling in the sport for the past 2 years, he has taken the competition circuit by storm. Training under Brazilian Pedro Bessa in Bristol, and regular sessions with the U.K. Squad in Walsall, he is continuously improving and working towards further goals with the assistance of the best coaches, and toughest team mates in the UK.

Giorgio is a very technical, and capable BJJ player, but will face tough competitors of the highest level in the world, so will be increasing training intensity on a daily basis in the run up to competition, in order to be fully prepared to fight for his place on the podium.

So to continue, after his success at Nottingham, Giorgio had a few weeks of intense training, and some extra swimming sessions to ensure his cardio was at his best. Europeans is the biggest competition in Europe hosting over 1500 hundred kids, from over 15 countries, even appealing to kids from the USA! The biggest to ever take place in the UK, with the highest of standards. 

Giorgio came away with a silver (in No Gi event- grappling tournament without the Gi uniform, so more wrestling and judo techniques) on the first day, after winning on points, he unfortunately lost the final through injuring his neck ☹️ he got up and wanted to continue the fight, but wasn’t allowed following his recent concussion! 

The following day he was back on form, winning his fights easily by submission, (where he’d made his opponents tap to arm locks, his favourite move!) he therefor took Gold, and became Junior European Champion 2017 for his retrospective category. His team GBWS1 whom he trains full time with in Walsall, took the Team trophy for both days winning overall points by a huge margin. Becoming Junior Team Champions 2017!  Since the weekend, Giorgio received further great news, and was promoted to his next level belt during training the other night. This was a mark of his hard work and dedication that earned him his latest titleHe has one future competition of the year, in December, before a quick break ready for a very busy 2018 in competition.