Gary's journey to a healthier heart

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Gary's life changing transformation following a heart attack

Gary Gunn a member at Places for People Leisure suffered a serious heart attack 5 years ago which led to complications resulting in an above the knee amputation. Due to chronic heart failure his heart was impaired to working at 39% of normal function paired with other minor health complications and he was taking 64 medications a day. Gary, with reduced mobility and being a wheelchair user found himself gaining weight and was told his life expectancy was dramatically reduced.

When Gary was told it was safe to do so by his medical team he came to train at one of our centres, his sons already trained in the gym and his wife attends Aqua Classes, so he became a member and was directed to Sophie Ganderton a level 3 Personal Trainer who specialises in GP referrals and training people with disabilities.

1 year ago Gary couldn't walk unaided for more than than 5 metres and couldn't pedal for more than 10 minutes on the hand bike. In the past 12 months the progress he has made have been life changing. Due to his efforts and the patience of his instructor he is now walking with his prosthetic leg and no longer using a stick or his wheelchair to access the gym. He completes a 2 hour personalised workout 4 times a week, has lost 5 stone in weight, cut down on the number of medications he is reliant on, but most importantly he is no longer in constant pain. His mobility has increased beyond belief and has massively improved his quality of life.

If you are inspired by Gary's story and want to talk to us about how we can support your well being and create a personalised exercise plan, sign up for a free 5 day pass today.