Bouncing, spinning and rolling

A bit about gymnastics

Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for all ages and our sessions are developed through our close links with British Gymnastics.  The skills you learn, such as strength, balance, co-ordination and mobility will help you to enjoy and master many other sports as well as gymnastics.

Is gymnastics the sport for you?

If tumbling, rolling and jumping is your thing, then gymnastics is for you. Our children's sessions are based on the 'FUNdamentals' of movement that will help them progress into any sport or activity so it's a great starting point for any child wanting to do any activity.  

Let's get you started

We run the following gymnastics courses:

"Jump Into Gymnastics"


Why gymnastics?


It’s such a varied sport with so many different activities, and since our Olympic successes, its popularity has just skyrocketed. We offer sessions from 2-11 years on Mondays and Saturdays.

What will my child get from the Jump classes?

“Jump into Gymnastics” sessions in partnership with British Gymnastics will provide structured learning from fully trained and DBS checked instructors.

Reward schemes to keep them motivated – complete an activity; get a sticker!

Improvement in skills like balance and co-ordination, plus gymnastics can help with self-confidence, dedication and a whole host of other key life skills.


Class details

Our Gymnastics programme runs on Monday after-school & Satudays and is structured as follows.

  • Children 2 1/2-4yrs will work on our Fundamentals programme 

        Children working at "Core Proficiency" ability levels 8-4 will follow the “Jump into gymnastics” programme...

  • Jump 1(approx 4yrs + or Core proficiency level 8 & 7)
  • Jump 2(approx 7yrs + or Core proficiency level 6 & 5)
  • Once children reach ability level 4 they transition onto our full programme following British Gymnastics "Leisure Centre scheme" including the introduction of equipment such as bars & beams.


Taster / Assessment sessions for new children are held on Saturdays 11.30am and can be booked at Reception for £5.00. These sessions allow you to take part, meet the team, sample the scheme and offers our coaches the chance to assess ability so a selection of days/times at the appropriate level can be offered. 


If you or your child is interested in jumping into gymnastics please contact us on 01663 748842.



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