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We run the following sports courses at Malden Centre

Tai Chi (Beginners and Improvers)

Combat stress and strain of every day life with this gentle form of exercise. Improve your health, longevity, balance, co-ordination, well-being and more. 

Beginner and Improver Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Fee
MH121 Sun 13.00-14.30 7-Nov 12-Dec £65.00
MH221 Sun 13.00-14.30 9-Jan 13-Feb £65.00
MH321 Sun 13.00-14.30 12-Jun 17-Jul £65.00




Courses for Beginners
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MH120 Mon 10.00-11.00 6-Sep 13-Dec 25-Oct £130.00
MH220 Mon 10.00-11.00 10-Jan 28-Mar 14-Feb £104.00
MH320 Mon 10.00-11.00 25-Apr 18-Jul 2-May & 30-May £104.00
MH122 Mon 19.00-20.00 6-Sep 13-Dec 25-Oct £130.00
MH222 Mon 19.00-20.00 10-Jan 28-Mar 14-Feb £104.00
MH322 Mon 19.00-20.00 25-Apr 18-Jul 2-May & 30-May £104.00
MH116 Tues 10.00-11.00 7-Sep 14-Dec 26-Oct £130.00
MH216 Tues 10.00-11.00 11-Jan 29-Mar 15-Feb £104.00
MH316 Tues 10.00-11.00 19-Apr 12-Jul 31-May £112.00
Courses for Mixed Abilities
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MH110 Wed 19.00-20.00 8-Sep 15-Dec 27-Oct £130.00
MH210 Wed 19.00-20.00 12-Jan 30-Mar 16-Feb £104.00
MH310 Wed 19.00-20.00 20-Apr 13-Jul 1-Jun £112.00
Courses for Improvers
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MH123 Mon 11.15-12.15 6-Sep 13-Dec 25-Oct £130.00
MH223 Mon 11.15-12.15 10-Jan 28-Mar 14-Feb £104.00
MH323 Mon 11.15-12.15 25-Apr 18-Jul 2-May & 30-May £112.00
MH113 Mon 20.15-21.15 6-Sep 13-Dec 25-Oct £130.00
MH213 Mon 20.15-21.15 10-Jan 28-Mar 14-Feb £104.00
MH313 Mon 20.15-21.15 25-Apr 18-Jul 2-May & 30-May £112.00
MH128 Tues 11.15-12.15 7-Sep 14-Dec 26-Oct £130.00
MH228 Tues 11.15-12.15 11-Jan 29-Mar 15-Feb £104.00
MH328 Tues 11.15-12.15 19-Apr 12-Jul 31-May £112.00



The approach to yoga is gentle yet demanding on the body. It helps develop a better understanding of the anatomy and encourages gentle sustained changed in breathing, posture, strength and mobility. Building a strong connection between mind and body.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MH103 Mon 11.00-12.30 6-Sep 13-Dec 25-Oct £126.00
MH203 Mon 11.00-12.30 10-Jan 28-Mar 14-Feb £99.00
MH303 Mon 11.00-12.30 25-Apr 18-Jul 2-May & 30-May £99.00
MH114 Thurs 18.45-20.00 9-Sep 16-Dec 28-Oct £114.00
MH214 Thurs 18.45-20.00 13-Jan 31-Mar 17-Feb £88.00
MH314 Thurs 18.45-20.00 21-Apr 14-Jul 2-Jun £97.00
MH115 Thurs 20.15-21.45 9-Sep 16-Dec 28-Oct £126.00


Yoga Body Sense

A combination of gentle, relaxing stretches and yoga postures performed to a soothing background music which helps develop body awareness and releases tensions. Leaving you feeling relaxed and energised.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MH104 Mon 19.00-20.30 6-Sep 13-Dec 25-Oct £126.00
MH204 Mon 19.00-20.30 10-Jan 28-Mar 14-Feb £99.00
MH304 Mon 19.00-20.30 25-Apr 18-Jul 2-May & 30-May £99.00


Yoga for the Over 50s

This class utilises specially selected yoga stretches and movements to help you develop and maintain flexibility, strength, balance and overall wellbeing. The class is suitable for all abilities regardless of age or fitness level.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MH125 Wed 10.00-11.00 8-Sep 15-Dec 27-Oct £115.00
MH225 Wed 10.00-11.00 12-Jan 30-Mar 16-Feb £88.00
MH325 Wed 10.00-11.00 20-Apr 13-Jul 1-Jun £97.00
MH127 Wed 11.15-12.15 8-Sep 15-Dec 27-Oct £115.00
MH227 Wed 11.15-12.15 12-Jan 30-Mar 16-Feb £88.00
MH327 Wed 11.15-12.15 20-Apr 13-Jul 1-Jun £97.00


Over 60s Fit and Tone

A balanced programme of exercise, including cardiovascular, muscular resistance as well as core strength and relaxation. The class aims to improve flexibility and/or joint mobility.

Course Details
Course Code Day Time Start End Dates Excluded Fee
MH106 Tue 11.30-12.30 7-Sep 14-Dec 26-Oct £14.00 + subs £3.10
MH206 Tue 11.30-12.30 11-Jan 29-Mar 15-Feb £11.00 + subs £3.10
MH306 Tue 11.30-12.30 19-Apr 12-Jul 31-May £12.00 + subs £3.10
MH131 Wed 12.00-13.00 8-Sep 15-Dec 27-Oct £14.00 + subs £3.10
MH231 Wed 12.00-13.00 12-Jan 30-Mar 16-Feb £11.00 + subs £3.10
MH331 Wed 12.00-13.00 20-Apr 13-Jul 1-Jun £12.00 + subs £3.10
MH108 Thurs 11.00-12.00 9-Sep 16-Dec 28-Oct £14.00 + subs £3.10
MH208 Thurs 11.00-12.00 13-Jan 31-Mar 17-Feb £11.00 + subs £3.10
MH308 Thurs 11.00-12.00 21-Apr 14-Jul 2-Jun £12.00 + subs £3.10

For more information on these sports contact a member of the team for more details or give us a call on 020 8336 7770.