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Personal training isn’t just for celebrities, everyone can benefit from some extra motivation. 

You might have a particular event or goal or you may just want a bit of extra encouragement during your session. Our trainers have different specialisms but are all focused on supporting you through fun and engaging sessions.  Ask a member of the team for more details or call us on 01403 787500.


Moving forward in life with a happier 'you' and a stronger 'you'. Technique is key for your progression and I am happy to help you succeed in these areas and your goals.  

I specialise in fat loss, body transformation and the technical aspect of training. Lets make you a happier and stronger human! 


Being fun and energetic in life is always the way to be. Fitness puts those 2 together to give you a smile every day. 

Stages Classes qualifications (AKA Spinning), 5 years experience in personal training and specialise in fat loss, muscle toning and nutritional advice.  


The more effort you put into your exercise session, the BIGGER change and results you will achieve for your body and mind! 

13 years experience in personal training, sports/Swedish massage and Kettlebell training. I love helping anyone understand how to make small changes for life changing results. 


Always happy to help with your training goals. If you would like any more information, just ask. I'm a happy human. Love making everyone leave with a smile on their face and feeling the achievement of a great workout. 

Specialise in fat loss, Muscle development and nutritional advice.  


I have been achieving qualifications and find myself here at Loddon Valley in my first Personal training Position. 

I have worked with 10 PT clients since i started. Boxing and sports specific have been areas I have had experience. Now also working with members building the self esteem for a happy and healthier life style. I also specialise in fat loss and body sculpting.


My goal is for you to enjoy your workout and leave the gym with a smile on your face and feeling motivated. 

I am qualified for GP exercise referrals and hold a certificate in mental health and fitness. I specialise in body fat loss, core strengthening and cardiovascular training.    


I'm happy to talk to anyone for now and become a smiley face for you to recognise in the centre. I am currently an apprentice in fitness, Swim school, and dry side. Pushing for the qualifications so i can become a level 2 instructor and level 3 Personal trainer along with being a swim school teacher. 

Please don't hesitate to ask for any information regarding the gym team and about our centre. 

 Personal Training Prices

  • PT 30 minute £25
  • PT 30 minute 6 for 5 £125
  • PT 30 minute 10 for 6 £200
  • PT 60 minute £35
  • PT 60 minute 6 for 5 £175
  • PT 60 minute 10 for 8 £280
Get 6 sessions for the price of 5 

To help keep you motivated and see those results fast, we are offering 6 sessions for the price of 5 on both 30 minute and 60 minute sessions. Ask your instructor for details. 

Meet the fitness team

Whether you are visiting as a member or casual user, our friendly fitness team are happy to help you with any questions you may have. 

Use the Places Locker app during a Personal Training session and reach your goals faster

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Personal Training