Swimming Lesson's Spaces available!

Join before the 31st July for just £20!

Join our Swim Lesson Programme for just £20!

Lessons run 6 days a week, 50 weeks a year!

Here are a few reasons to learn with us:

Throughout July we are offering your first month of lessons for free – you just pay the £20 joining fee.

•Our lessons are taught by fully qualified swim teachers who focus on the fundamentals of swimming in a positive, encouraging way.

•We are proud to follow but the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework for adults and children.

•Our free Course Portal allows you to track progress against the key competencies for each stage.

•We promote quality not quantity and we recognise that everyone is an individual and may progress at different speeds, but when they do, your child's progress will be acknowledged with awards from the Swim England Awards Scheme.

•We offer an easy monthly Direct Debit payment scheme.

•FREE SWIMMING is available for all children on swimming lessons so that they can come swimming with you at other times to develop their confidence.

If you can swim you can enjoy all of the exciting activities that the water has to offer.  Our lessons start as young as pre-school all the way up to adult lessons, we have something for everyone.

Simply put your details on the following form and we will be in contact!