Fit for a fiver

Joining fee just £5 in August

We know it’s hard to stay dedicated to your fitness programme over summer – going away on holiday with all that food and drink, social events (more food and drink!) and generally being out of your normal routine makes it pretty tough to make activity a priority.

But if you’ve worked hard to get this far, don’t let it slide now!

Stay on track with our membership offer - in August our joining fee is just £5, so you can enjoy your holidays AND maintain your fitness!

Join online today using code: TROPICAL

Read our blog for ideas how to stay active while you’re away.

And if getting ‘fit for a fiver’ isn’t enough of a bargain for you, Pooch can help you ‘shed those last few pounds’.

Keep your eye on our Facebook page for opportunities to find Pooch out and about in Harborne during August. Each time he goes roaming, he’ll have vouchers to give away. The first 10 lucky people find him and give him a High Fiver, will get 5 Pooch Pounds – cancelling out the rest of the joining fee! But be quick before his Pooch Pounds run out!!