Vicky's Places Wellness Story

Turning the BIG 40 and feeling better than ever after losing 1 1/2 stone at Places Wellness

What made you join Places Wellness?

"It’s been a few months since I hit the big 40, but I can honestly say I’m feeling better now than a year ago – and I think that is really down to joining Places Wellness. I found out about the new studio gym from seeing it when I last went to Graves Health & Sports Centre and after that, I decided that it was time I got myself in shape. So the next day I rang up and booked my induction with Places Wellness coach, Kat Boon, and from that day on I have been hooked."

What makes Places Wellness different from a normal gym?

"All I want from a gym is something quick and effective, I am a busy mum with a very active 10-year old that has a better social life than me! Each week he does swimming, tennis, karate, scouts and football. Believe me, I don’t know how he does it all, I get tired just watching him. I don’t have the time to work out for an hour or more, so to kill two birds with one stone I joined Places Wellness and started going when my son had his sports activities are on. I’m so glad I did because the Places Wellness circuit literally takes 35 mins, but I always leave the gym sweating and feeling like I’ve had a proper workout. After a few months, I’ve lost a stone and a half, but I also feel stronger and more toned."
"Another thing I’ve loved about Places Wellness is the Milon App, which is something I didn’t think I would use but I check religiously every time I finish a workout. The app tracks your progress and shows you how far along in your journey you are & what part of your body you are using. It even has a leader board so you can see where you rank in comparison to others in the studio. I don’t want to brag but in just a few weeks I placed 1st place in the women’s power section if you had told me that when I started I would have laughed. But it’s amazing how motivating it is to see your progress on the screen, and I’m no tech genius and even I can use the app.
"It also makes me laugh when I look at the awards you get on the app, I can now say I have lifted the weight of an elephant. Next up a whale!

How has it helped you get active and healthier?

"I’ve always been on and off when it comes to my fitness throughout the years, but the atmosphere and friendliness of Places Wellness made it feel like I wasn’t at a gym. I never felt intimidated or self-conscious and I think that is honestly down to the coaches and the set-up of the studio. Lee, Kat and Stuart are always there to help me and if I have any questions they are always happy to help. I’ve never felt so motivated to keep getting healthier then I do now.
Without a doubt, my health has improved for the better, and I’m even getting my husband to come with me now. If you get the chance try it out, because it is brilliant. The perfect gym for someone who hates the gym like me!"

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