"I never expected to win"

Charlotte Walker's PT Journey

Roughly 5 weeks ago I seen the competition ‘Get Fit 4 Summer’ advertised on Glossop leisure centre’s Facebook page. Immediately this stood out to me as I had wanted to join a gym and get myself fit & healthy again, but I just needed the motivation to do so.

So I entered my details and explained why I wanted to win this. I wrote about how I had a baby in April 2017 and was looking to get myself in the best shape possible both physically and mentally! I needed something to focus on, and believed this would give me some much needed ‘me’ time away from the everyday hustle and bustle!

Anyway, I never expected to win so when I received the phone call I was shocked, but really happy and couldn’t wait to get started!

As soon as I entered the gym I was greeted my lots of smiley faces and was sat down by one of the team members called Rob who asked about my goals. I explained that my aim wasn’t to lose weight – it was to tone up, gain muscle, improve my strength and develop my overall fitness. From this information Rob advised that ‘Adam Chatterton’ would probably be the best PT for me as he specialises mainly in strength and conditioning training and he would help me get the results I was aiming for. I was happy to agree and immediately booked in my first PT session.

The day of my first PT session was a really good one. It was very positive and Adam really made me feel at ease. He ran through with me what my goals were and asked about any previous gym or fitness sessions I had done so that he could get an idea of what level of fitness I was at. We came up with a plan together and decided to work on legs one week, chest the next, and back the week after. I will go on to continue this now for the next 12 weeks and will also commit to training these areas in my own time at least 3-4 times per week.


Since my first session all my other personal training sessions have been amazing too. I have felt myself grow in confidence and have started to see some slight definition in my arms. (This being an area I lacked strength in, and therefore wanted to focus on)

As well as my physical self starting to improve, I have also noticed a huge difference in my mental health as well. The gym has become a great place for me to escape after a hard day at work, or after a full day of being a mummy to vary demanding baby lol. I feel much more refreshed after a gym session and leave with a much better attitude towards myself and everything around me.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone at the gym for making me feel comfortable and encouraging me in every area of my fitness journey.

Here’s to the next 8 weeks!