Junior Activities

Having Fun


3.00-4.00pm                    Junior Workout                       Gym Team                          11-15yrs

4.15-5.15pm                    Junior Workout                       Gym Team                          11-15yrs

4.15-5.15pm    NEW         Inclusive Disability Football     Charlie                                5-12 years         

4.00-5.00pm                    Gymnastics                            Ferndown GC                       From 4yrs9months

5.00-6.00pm                    Gymnastics                            Ferndown GC                       Ability Dependent

6.00-8.00pm                    Gymnastics                            Ferndown GC                       Ability Dependent (Coaches recommendation)

5.30-6.30pm                    Badminton Course                  Dave                                   Age 8+yrs (Mixed abilities)

6.30-7.30pm                    Badminton Gold Course          Dave                                   Age 8+yrs (Coaches recommendation)



10.45-11.15am                  Supported Family Fun           Elaine Lewis                         Age 4mths-4yrs

3.00-4.00pm                     Junior Workout                      Gym Team                           11-15yrs

4.15-5.15pm                     Junior Workout                      Gym Team                           11-15yrs



3.00-4.00pm                       Junior Workout                    Gym Team                           11-15yrs

4.15-5.15pm                       Junior Workout                    Gym Team                           11-15yrs

4.00-5.00pm                       Trampolining                       Spirals                                 Age 4-7yrs

5.00-6.00pm                       Trampolining                       Spirals                                 Age 8+yrs

5.30-6.30pm    NEW         Inclusive Disability Football     Charlie                                 13+ years



3.00-4.00pm                       Junior Workout                     Gym Team                          11-15yrs

4.15-5.15pm                       Junior Workout                     Gym Team                          11-15yrs

5.00-6.00pm    NEW           Junior Football Coaching        Charlie                                5-12 years



5.00-6.00pm                       Inclusive Disability Cricket     Ferndown Wayfarers             Any age



9.00-10.00am                     Trampolining                         Spirals                                Age 5-12yrs

9.10-9.50am                       Squash – Beginners              Richard                               Age 7+yrs

9.15-10.00am                     Teeny Boppers                      Amy                                   Age 2-4yrs

9.50-10.30am                     Squash – Intermediate          Richard                               Age 7+yrs

10.00-11.00am                  Dancing                                 Amy                                   Age 5-8yrs

10.30-11.30am                  Supported Family Fun            Swim Team                         Age 4mths – 4yrs

10.30-11.10am                  Squash – Advanced               Richard                               Age 7+yrs

11.00-12.00pm                  On the Stage                         Amy                                   Age 9+yrs

11.00-12.00pm                  Junior Workout                      Gym Team                          11-15yrs

2.00-3.00pm                       Junior Workout                     Gym Team                           11-15yrs



9.00-9.35am                       Rugbytots (please contact angus@rugbytots.co.uk)      Age 2-3½ yrs

9.35-10.25am                     Rugbytots (please contact angus@rugbytots.co.uk)      Age 3½-5 yrs

3.00-4.30pm                       Oli’s Roller Disco – Family Session                                     All ages

5.00-6.30pm                       Oli’s Roller Disco – Family Session                                     All ages

                                    (Skates are available to hire for £1.00 or you can bring your own!)