Have you always wanted to learn to Dive??

New - Diving lessons at Fairfield

Learn To Dive At Fairfield

Have you always wanted to Learn How to Dive, then this is your chance! we are introducing Diving Lessons in January 2018.
To qualify for these lessons, children should have gained Stage 7 of the Learn to Swim Awards.
Diving lessons will work towards Stages 8 - 10 of the Learn to Swim Diving Awards.
Divers build on skills learned during the Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1-7. They cover areas such as the diving hand grab, the concept of a dive, floats, glides and movements in the water. There is also poolside work to refine the basic body positions for diving.
Day:       Friday
Time:    16:30 - 17:30 & 17:30 - 18:30
Cost:    £25.70 per month (Direct Debit)
The lessons will be in the format of first half (dry side) and second half (wet side).
Spaces are limited... if you are interested then please contact juliewalden@pfpleisure.org