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The more card is a discount scheme in Elmbridge offering discounts on activities at Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex, The Hurst Pool, Shout Holiday Club and on purchases at participating retailers in the borough.

How can I get a more card?

More card applications are processed by us here at Xcel. You can apply for your more card here:

Apply Here 

 If you have any queries about your application please contact us on 01932 260300. You can also complete an application in person when visiting the centre

What discounts can you get with the more card?

  • Discounts at Xcel 3 Synthetic Turf Pitch, The Hurst Pool and Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex including fast track entrance, advanced telephone and on-line bookings.
  • Discounts on Shout holiday activities (the child must be the card holder). Your child must have a valid more card at the time of booking to receive a discount. Please remember to allow 7 days for processing your card application.
  • Discounts at participating businesses and retailers, see here for details.

Who can apply for a card?

Everyone is entitled to apply for a more card, whether you are an Elmbridge resident or not. There is an annual subscription fee – to remain valid, your card must be renewed every year here at Xcel Leisure Complex before the expiry date.

How much does it cost to join?

Adult (Elmbridge resident) - Standard Rate = £11.00 and Concession Rate = Free

Child (Elmbridge resident) - Standard Rate = £6.00 and Concession Rate = Free

Adult (Non resident) - Standard Rate = £21.00 and Concession Rate = £11.00

Child (Non resident) - Standard Rate = £11.00 and Concession Rate = £6.00

The more card is free for concession holders. Please call us on 01932 260300 to check if your concession(s) entitle you to a free more card.

After you've applied 

  • Allow 7 working days for processing your application. If you would like to check the status of your application contact us on 01932 260300.
  • You will receive a confirmation email advising you to collect your card from us.  Please bring the email along with proof of identification, proof of eligibility for any concessions you are receiving and payment when you collect the card.
  • Once your identification and documents have been checked, you will be issued with your more card.

Proof of identification must include:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Photographic ID e.g. passport or driving licence
  • If you are a concession holder, proof of your concession

If you have any further queries then please contact us on 01932 260300.