Free Swimming for Under 8's

FREE Swimming for under 8s

We would just like to remind parents / guardians that all children under 8 years old can swim for FREE at Elmbridge Leisure Complex and The Hurst Pool when accompanied by a full paying adult.

Swimming skills, particularly among children, are fundamental to ensure they have the ability to survive in and around the water.

Regular swimming helps children become confident and familiar with water, especially swimming with a parent or family members – being in the water with someone they trust shows them that it is safe and FUN! 

Even if your child is having swimming lessons, swimming at other times will let them practice what they have learnt and give them a chance to develop and enjoy the skills they are learning.

Click here to register for the free swim scheme.

There is an initial fee of £2 but this buys you a year’s access of splashing around, during term time and the holidays.

We are proud to follow Swim England’s Learn to Swim programme at Elmbridge Leisure Complex. If you feel your child would benefit from swimming lessons, please register your interest here and we will be in touch.