Climbing FAQs

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Q: When is Clip n’ Climb open?
A: We are open all year around. View our climbing times.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Dress code - no hoodies, no necklaces/hooped earrings, no opened toe shoes/sandals/crocs. Long hair must be tied back.

Q: What has changed?
A: We have been working really hard to ensure our cleaning, social distancing and coaching measures provide a safe environment for you and our staff. Some differences you may see are:

  • Our instructors will be wearing face shields.
  • All participants will need to sanitise their hands on entry and have their footwear disinfected.

Q: Are there any age or weight restrictions?
A : The minimum age is 4 with no maximum age and the maximum weight is 22 stone.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?
A: All you will need to bring is yourself, closed shoes (trainers) and a hair band if you have long hair and we provide the rest.

Q: When should I arrive and what should I do?
A: Please arrive 10 minutes before your session. Queue outside, along the wall by the climbing arena and wait for a member of the climbing team to allow you into the building. Please ensure you follow social distancing guidelines at all times when in our facilities

Q: Do you allow spectators?
A: One adult is allowed to accompany each climber to help reduce the number of people in the building and help maintain social distancing. There will be a waiting area in reception for spectators. We will try and allow parents to rotate so everyone gets a chance to watch their children climb.

Q: How long does a session last?
A: Each session consists of a 15 minute briefing and 45 minute climb.

Q: Do I need to wear a face covering?
A: We recommend climbers wear a face covering, but this is not mandatory. Spectators must wear a covering while in the building.

Q: How often is the climbing arena cleaned?

• Customers will sanitise hand before entering and between walls
• All touch points will be cleaned between climbing sessions
• Walls will be deep cleaned at the end of each day
• Harnesses will be cleaned at the end of each day and quarantined for 18 hours following manufacturers guidelines

Q: How many climbers are allowed per session?
A: 20 climbers will be allowed per session

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