Motiview Cycling

In partnership with Waverley Borough Council

We know that everyone deserves the right to a healthy lifestyle – no matter what limitations they might have. As a Social Enterprise, we are constantly searching for new ways to invest in the communities we are based to provide opportunities for everyone to have access to our centres and to engage in activity.

Our latest project in collaboration with Waverley Borough Council and Motitech brings an exciting, state-of-the-art piece of technology to our centres to improve the lives of those living with dementia and other brain-related conditions.

The joint-funded venture costing £9,000 has allowed us to invest in our increasing ageing population. Combining visual technology with specially adapted exercise bikes, Motiview allows individuals to virtually cycle through a vast selection of destinations at whatever pace suits them whilst listening to their favourite music.

Destinations include: the Peak District, the South Downs, Niagara Falls or even the town in which they were raised.

Norwegian in concept – this technology stimulates those living with dementia not only into a more active physical lifestyle, but towards a happier and richer one in the context of mental health.

Contributing towards the improving and sustaining of physical and mental wellbeing, the technology also promises to help individuals to recover from the effects of dementia and ageing. With a reported increase of individuals able to walk with assistance after previously being wheelchair-bound.

Motiview Cycling launches in Cranleigh Leisure Centre on 14th November. For more information regarding times and availability, please speak to a member of the team by calling 01483 274400