Member Lisa has lost 2 Stone in 4 months

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A 45-year-old mum of three from Andover is loving the results she has achieved through personal training at her local Place for People Leisure centre.

Andover Leisure Centre member, Lisa Adams began her fitness journey 4 months ago, believing it would take about a year to achieve her desired body targets, but with the help of Al, her personal trainer, she is close to reaching her goal, and has lost more than 2 stone in weight.

As a regular attendee of Al’s circuits classes, and impressed by his motivational technique, Lisa chose him to be her PT. She started working out with him once a week – he began by teaching her how to weight train, pushing her to increase the load when she was ready. Lisa trained alone at the gym a further four times per week, as well as attending weekly Wattbike classes for cardio.

She said: “Thursdays are my personal training days with Al, which I always look forward to as I know that he will push me and get the most out of me. He is a great motivator and role model, as there is nothing that he asks you to do that he couldn’t do himself. I enjoy going as it is MY time.

“Al has always been supportive. When at the beginning I jokingly showed him a picture of the person I wanted to be like he did not laugh or look unbelievably. He regularly checks my measurements – weight, visceral fat, water, etc, which is good to see the improvements I’m making.” 

Al also compiled a nutritional guide for Lisa, setting out percentages of protein, fats and carbohydrates, which she logs using the My Fitness Pal app.

Lisa explained: “I found it quite hard at first trying to think of different meals to include the right amount of carbs, fats and proteins but after a while it came naturally. It’s the same with getting up at 5.30am to attend the gym for training – at first it’s difficult to get into a routine, but after a while your body naturally wakes up at that time.” 

Lisa added: “I thank Al mostly and then the other gym staff for helping me and supporting me through the last few months.”

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