6 stone lost and Eliza's feeling great

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Eliza had always been aware of her weight but the major turning point came in September 2015 when she reached 130 kilos (20.4 stone). There was no major life event that caused her weight gain, she says it was the volume of food she’d eat including lots of sugary foods.

She began watching YouTube videos from the comfort of home and thinking about what she was eating, Eliza had some success but was following a confusing diet she had found online with questionable results.

Finally, in Feb 2017 Eliza plucked up the courage to come to the gym, being very body conscious this was a massive step forward.  She met fitness instructor Lewis during her gym induction, she found him very supportive and began weekly personal training sessions with him. Lewis took a holistic approach with Eliza, discussing lifestyle, nutrition alongside a personalised exercise programme. She was motivated when she began to lose 1.5 kilos per week (3.3 pounds).

Eliza didn’t like to look at her pictures of herself and would never be photographed in a skirt. She is still on her weight loss journey but now at 91 kilos she is a different person having lost 6 stone in weight. She has increased energy and confidence, Lewis now teases her about the amount of pictures she posts on Facebook, including wearing a skirt!

For Eliza she says her personal training sessions have kept her motivated and on track with her goals. Her advice to anyone in her situation is to stay consistent, be positive and don’t give up.

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